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    Welcome to the new Unity live website,Unity was formed in 2018, Dj's from all over the UK and Europe now broadcast on Unity Live Radio.

    If you would like to play a slot on the station, just head over to the contact link on the left and leave us a message.

    About Us

    We specialise in all genres of Dance music with nightly live shows so stay tuned for updates.
    if you would like to join us send a short bio to unityrecording@gmail.com.

  • djs

    Our DJ's

    • DJ Skins

      Multi format, Multi Genre Dj, Playing D&B, House,Garage, Dub & Trance. Playing Monday nights 9-11pm and many other nights when available

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      Dj JamezD

      Multi Format Dj, Specializing in House & Garage, with a Friday 8-10pm slot, tune in weekly

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    • Dj RQ-W

      Dj From the Netherlands, playing dark, hard Trance & Hardcore bangers

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      DJ BVIZ

      Dj Bviz taking unity to the WWW on Wednesdays 4-5pm Uk time

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    • Dj Piggy

      Multi Format Dj, Specializing in Jump up D&B Catch him on his regular tuesday night slot from 7-9pm

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      DnB DJ playing the latest in jump up/techstep & Liquid DnB every Thursday night from 8-10pm

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    Live View of our Dj's broadcasting

  • Unity Live


    If you would like to join us, please use the contact form below or email a short Bio to unityrecording@gmail.com and we will get back to you shortly.

    Please email us for info on slot availability


  • More About DJ Skins

    DJ Skins, a profound entertainer. Specializing mainly in Jump up & tech D&B also underground house and Garage.
    He has been around the club scene for many years, in 2010 he won the kiss100fm midnight mix comp and got to air his skills live on their station,In 2013, 14 & 15 he got to play D&B on one of the top slots at the Buntsfest fundraising open air festival to help raise funds for the air ambulance for 3 yrs running.

    ....vinyl DJ....
    DJ Skins is a vinyl DJ, and also digital now days, you will regularly see the 1210s in use

    When and where? So look forward to hearing more from this DJ, things are only sure to become more creative.
    Be sure to tune in every Monday for the Dj Skinz MixUp sessions. 9pm till 11pm.

  • More About DJ JamezD

    Multi Format
    Multi format Dj mainly specialising in house music with skills in Garage, Jungle & drum and bass.

    ....The Future....
    As Management of unityLive, taking the station forward to the next level with promotions and active engagement with the fans

    playing out is where this DJ wants to be so contact us for booking info

  • More About DJ RQW

    Located in the Netherlands
    RQ-W started DJ'ing from 2003, actively as dj at private party’s to playing the best current music hits at that time. She soon became interested in beatmatching the tracks, but RQ wasnt in a position to buy a set of Pioneers at the time. She started with a set of American audio's to learn beatmatching and other mixing techniques.

    Electrohouse was the most popular music to mix, later she went on to play harder genres, like hardstyle, hardcore Frenchcore & uptempo but she liked more genres like Trance & techno.

    From 2014 to end of 2017. she had a radio station called “DJ Live” with two guest DJ’s on her weekly show.

    The Future Now she plays music on Unity Live and still does many diferent wedding parties. Her dream is to play in clubs or some festivals which she hopes to accomplish in the near future. Please feel free to follow her on her journey with Unity live.

    Please contact us if you would like to hire this or any other of our DJ's
  • More About Dj BVIZ

    I started dj’ing when I was 13 got my 1st gig at earth nightclub Eastleigh when I was 18

    .... have done a variety of clubs and bars around the UK, I have done sets alongside MC Kie and Dennis G, I am mainly a garage & house Dj but I can mix it up with various genres

  • More About DJ Piggy

    Located in Hertfordshire
    DJ Piggy is an up & Comming DJ/Producer

    ..Mix Fast, Play it loud.. just about says it all really

    Catch DJ Piggy each and every Tuesday from 7-9pm with Guest Dj's each week.

  • More About GurnZilla

    Located in Hertfordshire
    GurnZilla will be mixing the latest hot off the shelf Dubstep & Drum n Bass

    ..how long.. Mixing beats for the last 5 years, looking for his club debut

    Catch up with Gurnzilla during the week for hour long sessions of Dark n dirty "wonky shit" DnB & Dub

to apply for a slot email unityrecording@gmail.com